A Review of John Chow.com

Ok Im writing this review as johnchow.com is backlinking anyone who reviews his site, and as I have no backlinks yet I thought I would take him up on the offer to help my Search Engine Optimisation Efforts.

I, like many others became aware of john chow through his post on:

The Internets Biggest Google Whores

John has subsequently written that this is the post that put his site on the map, after it received a lot of hits from digg.

Until reading Johns blog I was not even aware of digg (I found Johns site using Google).

I have to admit Im not really interested in the BlogSphere and had no understaning of it until a friend showed me his blog using WordPress.

I had been planning to produce two sites using Mambo CMS, but having seen WordPress I decided, for convenience (and good SEO) to use WordPress instead.
As Johnchow.com is also a WordPress blog, he has a lot of additional information on issues around RSS and the implicaitons it has for advertisers, blogspheres such as Technorati and a lot more.

I have found the information given in Johns blog both fascinating and useful.

johnchow.com is a window into the inside track of web marketing, reviewing many different advertising networks, affilliate programes technologies and techniques, a must read for anyone with an interest in internet marketing, cars or food (though I never read the car food stuff ;-)).

Other sites that have taken John up on his offer of a link for a review are listed below, if you fellow reviewers paste this code into your blog we all benefit from another backlink, over a hundred, blog spam at its best.

If anyone wants to trade reviews please use the contact form or comment, I’m happy to trade reviews with most sites.