Blog Rush – Just another pyramid

I am a bit late with this post as Blog Rush Fever has already gripped the blogsphere, but time is money… and I do not have much time for Blog Rush.

I have described Blog Rush as a Pyramid scheme, because of the way it is structured.

Referrals pass credit back 10 levels:

10 to the power of 5 = 100, 000
10 to the power of 6 = 1000, 000
10 to the power of 10 = 10 000 000 000
This assumes everyone gets 10 referrals, which of course they wont. So, the big money sites that first promoted the scheme will do well at the expense of the majority.

Blog Rush know that most people understand this, so, to get people to sign up they need them to believe that they can get referrals, hence the “big bang release”. Many people sign up in the belief that they are an early adopter, signing up in the first day or so.

As for the product itself, links I have seen are completely off topic and do not interest me at all.

I would suggest you run something in your sidebar that earns a little money, which you can use to buy PPC or reviews. In my opinion that will get you better results than trying to promote Blog Rush.

I think Blog Rush will go the way of Agloco…. a lot of wannabe network builders sign up and promote the product, but no one really wants to spend time clicking the links.

Figures I have read for the number of clicks to page impressions are pathetic.

I myself do not run the widget, but I do have an account which is building credits nicely thanks to SEO Black Hat and Black Hat Domainer (who SEO Black Hat accuses of code thief!).

So far so good with the script, I am building credits nicely without having installed the widget. Tomorrow I will refine the script to make referrals a little more natural, leave it running on a Cron Job and forget about it….. I am not expecting any traffic from it.