Search Marketing with Hamlet Batista

Hamlet Batista has a relatively new blog where he discusses search marketing and SEO with web design.

A lot of people write about SEO, but Hamlet seems to know a lot more than others blogging on the subject. He provides basic scripts that can be used to analyse log files for keywords and recently published the basis of a free cloaking script which I still have to try, very generous 😉

I think it was this excerpt from Hamlets about page that really got me interested in his blog:

“I was fortunate enough to stumble into one of the top marketers that worked for my previous employer. He wouldn’t tell me much as he didn’t want to feed additional competition, but what he said was enough for me to start my own journey. He mentioned pay per click and Nutrition. ”

I found that very amusing…

Hamlet has also provided a post showing how to use Google Adwords analysis tools more effectively in your search marketing. Although I had used these tools before, I learned a lot from that post, but unfortunately made a bit of a mess of the comments section (sorry!).

What I like about this blog is that it is providing genuinely valuable information you can use to get results. This site offers a range of advice to suit people with different levels of expertise.

The posts really aim to cover to the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to increase traffic, which is why I read it.

If you are tired of reading the same old generic stuff like “write great content” or “get lots of links” and are looking for free insider advice from a professional then you should spend some time reading Hamlet Batista’s search marketing blog for yourself!!